Find the answers to some of the most common questions I am asked.


How can you help me?

As a Member of Parliament, it is my job to represent all of my constituents, whatever their age, and whether or not they voted for me.

If you are a constituent, I can help you in a number of ways for example:

  • I can make representations on your behalf
  • I can write to local councils and other agencies, as well as to relevant government ministers
  • I can raise your concern publicly and locally

You should be aware that there is a strict Parliamentary protocol which prevents me from intervening on behalf of another MP’s constituents - you can find out if I am your MP by entering your postcode here.

When you write to me via letter or email, please always make sure to include your full name and address, including your postcode, so that I can respond to you promptly.


What can an MP help with?

MPs can help with matters for which central government is directly responsible for, for example:

  • Benefits, pensions, National Insurance, and other matters dealt with by the Department for Work and Pensions
  • Immigration and other problems dealt with by the Home Office
  • Tax issues involving HM Revenue and Customs
  • Problems with the NHS
  • Problems with the Child Maintenance Service or Child Support Agency
  • Education issues, such as schooling or grants

As your MP, I can provide general advice on planning issues and ask that your views are taken into account in planning decisions, but I cannot instruct or influence councillors making the decisions, as this is a council matter. Please note that I also cannot interfere with decisions made in court or offer legal advice.


Can I attend one of your advice surgeries?

I regularly hold advice surgeries throughout the constituency. Please contact me to book an appointment.


Can I visit the Houses of Parliament?

Free guided tours of Parliament are available to local residents. The walking tour of the Palace of Westminster includes:

  • Westminster Hall
  • The House of Commons 
  • The House of Lords
  • The Queen's Robing Room
  • The Royal Gallery 

Please note that tours are very popular and places are usually booked six months in advance. If you would like to arrange a tour, please contact me.


Can I get tickets to watch Prime Minister's Questions?

All MPs are allocated limited numbers of tickets for the Public Gallery to watch Prime Minister's Questions. Please note that these tickets are very popular so it may not always be possible to accommodate your request. Tickets are also available to sit in the Public Gallery for other debates and Question Times. Please contact me to arrange.


Do you offer work experience placements?

I offer two-day work experience opportunities in my Loughborough office to those living or studying in the constituency who are over the age of 16.

During the placement, you will gain an insight into local politics and may be asked to assist me and my staff with the following tasks:

  • Casework
  • Research
  • Press releases
  • Office administration

You may also be able to accompany me to meetings, where appropriate.

Please note that placements are incredibly popular and can be filled months in advance. I will, however, do my best to accommodate your availability. If you would like to register your interest, please contact me.


Do you visit organisations in your constituency?

I often visit organisations, such as businesses, schools and community groups, around the constituency. If you would like me to pay a visit, please contact me.