Two weeks to go: Local MP gets preview of new £20 note celebrating JMW Turner

Local MP Jane Hunt joined the Bank of England’s Chief Cashier, Sarah John, in Parliament on earlier this month to find out more about the new £20 note - the Bank’s most secure note yet.

Bank of England staff were on hand to talk through the new security features incorporated in the note which make it very difficult to counterfeit. On the front, the see-through window contains a two-colour foil in gold and blue, celebrating Margate where Turner drew inspiration for over 100 of his paintings.

It is the first Bank of England note to contain two see-through windows, with a small one in the bottom corner inspired by Tintern Abbey. The note has various foil patches and a hologram which changes from the word “Twenty” to “Pounds” when the note is tilted.


Jane said:

“I was delighted to be among the first to see the new £20 note and learn more about its security features. I would recommend that businesses in our area and anyone who regularly handles cash takes a look at the Bank of England’s website to find out how to check banknotes so that they know what to expect when the new note enters circulation on 20 February.”


The note will be issued on 20 February 2020, so the public here in Loughborough will begin to see them in the following days and weeks as they are stocked in ATMs and tills.

Paper £20 notes, featuring Adam Smith, will remain legal tender and should be spent and accepted as usual. These notes will be gradually withdrawn as they are banked and notice will be given six months ahead of legal tender status being withdrawn.

More information about the new £20 note can be found at